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Help & FAQ

Puoi sempre richiedere supporto o assistenza contattandoci direttamente all’indirizzo e-mail: oppure tramite la chat WhatsApp dedicata che trovi al fondo di in questa pagina.

Prima di contattarci, prova a fare riferimento alle Domande Frequenti (FAQ) che trovi qui sotto.

  • How does the Service work?
    Refer to the appropriate section of the website and follow our tutorial that you can find directly in the App.
  • Who will come to charge my vehicle?
    The refill will be done by a Filler, a professional from our team that we have carefully selected and trained and who only uses our protocols and products. The quality of the service they offer is also guaranteed by rigorous, well-defined quality standards and continuous training courses.
  • How do you recharge my car directly on the street?
    Thanks to Fillee, our smart portable mobile charger! Which will allow you to recharge up to 130 km (may vary according to the cars and weather conditions) or about 15 kWh.
  • Do I have to be present while charging?
    Nope! That's the beauty! You don't need to be present during the service, you can authorize everything remotely with your smartphone (for compatible cars), otherwise remember to leave the charging flap open before receiving the service.
  • How do you find my car?
    The Filler can use the geolocation of your previously authorized car thanks to the connection with the car or receive the address from the user at the time of booking.
  • What is the coverage area?
    Check the coverage area on the App: it is always updated. If you haven't found your city or area, don't worry! Report it to us and we will take it into account in the expansion plan with territorial coverage that will be increasingly widespread! Follow us on our official channels for updates.
  • What are the days and times of the service?
    Our service is active 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Check availability in the App or accept the offers that will be periodically made to you by the Reefilla algorithm!
  • How to book if I can't find availability?
    If you can't find availability, it's because there are currently many requests and all the day and time slots have already been booked by other users. But fear not! Try again with another day or another time or receive the proposals directly from us!
  • How can I change my phone number, email and address?
    You can edit them in the Profile section of the App.
  • Are there any risks for my car?
    Nope! Our service has been tested for a long time and we use standard protocols and methodologies with the highest level of security. It's exactly like recharging a column... but it comes to you!
  • How do you protect my privacy and the security of the Service?
    Our general approach is to always apply the most reliable and secure standards in the industry. Reefilla is 100% GDPR compliant and pays great attention to the data protection of Users and their safety. To protect the connection with the car, we currently have active partnerships with leading companies in the sector related to vehicle connectivity and with car manufacturers. In fact, when possible, the vehicle connection is managed through native integration with the car manufacturer.The connection to and from the cars is ensured by a secured by design approach allowed by: - Data encryption: all requests and received data are encrypted - Dedicated infrastructure, hosted on a private cloud infrastructure. This ensures maximum performance, resilience and maintenance of the best network security measures and above all the isolation of components and services to prevent unauthorized access to the platform. - Data ownership: Vehicle owners have full control over their data. All authorizations are made explicit and expressly authorized. No vehicle data will be accessed or shared with third parties without the explicit consent of the vehicle owner. - Authorization and consent: we use a user consent flow based on OAuth2.0, the most secure standard, which allows vehicle owners to review and accept detailed permissions. Furthermore, vehicle owners have the possibility to revoke their consent at any time and also, if necessary, request the deletion of their profile and anonymization of data.
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