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EV charging made easy.
Your car recharged
anywhere, anytime. 


You don’t have to look for a charging station anymore.

​Reefilla offers innovative mobile charging solutions, designed to simplify access to charging for electric and hybrid cars for individuals and companies in the mobility sector. You will be able to recharge your electric car wherever and whenever you want, without having to interrupt your daily routine.


Sustainability is

in our DNA

We are constantly evolving technologically, to offer a service that is always in line with the latest developments and to support accelerating the transition to electric-powered vehicles. 

We contribute to net-zero emission by using a circular approach. We use 100% green energy, full electric vans for delivery and our Fillees' energy supply comes from used (second-life) batteries.




"The Turin-based startup Reefilla, born in April 2021 to offer innovative charging solutions for electric cars, has closed its first 1 million euro funding round."


"Reefilla has designed and implemented a "mobile and predictive" charging service for electric vehicles to create a flexible and complementary alternative to traditional charging points."


"Reefilla overcomes recharging anxiety bringing energy where and when needed. Reefilla brings clean energy with a power bank that recharges the car instead of the smartphone."


Always stay up-to-date and reefilled

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