About Us


We are a team of engineers and innovators with a common goal: to make the energy transition simple through sustainable charging and energy storage solutions. We are committed to reducing environmental impact through a circular ecosystem, promoting renewable, clean and accessible energy for all.


Energy in movement

We imagine a future where Second Life batteries form the core of a circular energy ecosystem, becoming resources rather than waste. We want to contribute to a world where energy is produced and stored by energy communities and distributed where needed without the use of fossil fuels, to preserve our planet for future generations.

The city of tomorrow according to Reefilla

for the future

Imagine a city where the air is clean and traffic noise is just a memory. This is the city of the future according to Reefilla: a green, silent and sustainable place, where everything is electrified.

Silent electric vehicles, recharged by intelligent and flexible infrastructures. Homes and commercial buildings are powered by solar panels and energy storage systems based on used and second life batteries.

In this vision, every aspect of the city is designed to create a livable and resilient environment, where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, ensuring urban life that thrives.

Team Reefillers

Innovators with a the same goal