Our circular model


Billions of batteries at end of life in 2030


GWh of annual energy from Second Life batteries in 2030

Reefilla is blazing the trail towards a sustainable future with its Second Life battery systems, using a cutting-edge repurposing process to extend battery life and minimize both resource consumption and environmental impact.

Our requalification process


Our process significantly reduces operating costs and eliminates the need for expensive equipment such as cyclers and climate chambers.


Our methodology significantly accelerates testing and qualification times through the use of advanced technologies that bypass traditional methods.


Adaptable to any operational scenario, our methodology allows you to customize the testing process on different types of modules.

We maximize the value of your batteries


Modules requalified and assembled in our Fillers


kWh distributed in the last 12 months

Second life Market

In 2021, the global Second Life electric vehicle (EV) battery market was estimated at US$ 255 million. It is expected to reach US$1.23 billion in 2022 and approximately US$ 92 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.2% from 2022 to 2030.

Supply Chain Partnerships

We recover Second Life batteries through strategic partnerships with major car manufacturers. These collaborations allow us to establish virtuous agreements that favor the creation of circular ecosystems and the development of processes dedicated to managing the end of life of batteries. This approach not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also strengthens our commitment to a more circular and responsible economy.

Internal skills

Reefilla stands out for its innovative approach to reuse that goes beyond the simple recovery of modules. We have internally developed expertise in battery pack management, safety protocols, state of charge and health assessments, disassembly and manipulation of submodules. We are committed to carefully recovering high-value components such as connectors, electronic elements, fuses and sensors, integrating each element into a sustainable ecosystem that enhances each resource.


Reefilla’s qualification methodology exploits the measurement of the internal resistance of modules and cells through a rapid test that lasts only a few minutes, avoiding the need for long cycles and expensive equipment such as cyclers and climatic chambers, which would require hours to test a single cell or module. This efficient technology revolutionizes the battery qualification process, ensuring they are ready to power the clean energy transition.

Second Life Flexible Energy Storage

The goal is to transform end-of-life batteries into energy sources for future generations’ vehicles and infrastructure, promoting energy self-sufficiency and facilitating a sustainable energy transition. By integrating renewable energy with advanced storage technologies, Reefilla is committed to supporting a low-carbon economy and protecting our planet for future generations, highlighting the importance of a circular economy. Our mobile energy storage solution, Fillee, was born from this commitment