effective since 07/15/2023

1.1 These general terms and conditions of Service (the “General Conditions”) constitute and regulate, together with the Attachments, the contract in force between the User and Reefilla S.r.l. with registered office in Turin (TO), via Bardassano 7, C.F. and registration number in the Turin Company Register 12462450011 (“Reefilla”).
1.2 Acceptance of the General Conditions is a necessary condition for the User to be able to use the Service.

“Subscription” and/or “Subscriptions” indicates the Urban, Just Forget and Reefilla Circle packages as indicated in Article 6. “Attachment” and/or “Attachments” indicates any documents attached to the General Conditions.
“Operation Area” indicates the geographical area defined exclusively by Reefilla within which it provides the Services, as indicated in the Platform.
“Consumer Code” has the meaning set out in art. 23.1. “General Conditions” means this document. “Contract” indicates the General Conditions and any annexes. “Consideration” indicates the economic amount that the Lessee pays to Reefilla in exchange for the Service as described in the Contract.
“Right of Reconsideration” has the meaning set out in the art. 19.2.
“Just Cause Event” means any conduct carried out by the User that differs from the provisions of the General Conditions. “User” indicates the person who, once registered on the Platform, uses it and procures the Services offered through it.
“Parties” means the User jointly with Reefilla. “Platform” indicates the “Reefilla” app which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.
“Profile” has the meaning set out in Article 5.1.
“Reefilla” has the meaning set out in Article 1.1.
“Reefilla Circle Cards” means the virtual and/or physical cards issued by Reefilla and containing a single use code redeemable on the Platform with which to activate the “Reefilla Circle” subscription package.
“Charge” refers to a single energy top-up of approximately 15 kWh.
“Service” indicates the charging delivery service described in the articles. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the General Conditions.
“Compatible Vehicles” indicates the vehicles that can be connected to the Platform and with which the Service can be used. The brands of Compatible Vehicles are indicated on the page dedicated to car connection.

The Contract has as its object the provision by Reefilla of the Service to Users in the manner and terms described in the General Conditions.

4.1 Access to the Platform and information relating to the Service entails compliance with and acceptance of all the General Conditions.
4.2 Use of the Service is limited exclusively to Users over the age of 16.
4.3 The Service is accessible exclusively through the Platform.
4.4 The User is responsible, also pursuant to the applicable legal provisions, for the completeness and truthfulness of the information provided to Reefilla and also undertakes to immediately communicate to Reefilla any errors, omissions, or variations in the identification data provided during the registration phase .
4.5 For the entire duration of the Contract, Reefilla grants the User a strictly personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right, according to the territorial limitations as indicated in the platform, to access and use the Service in accordance with the provisions of the General Conditions.

5.1 The Platform managed by Reefilla allows Users to use the Service as described below.
Following the installation of the Platform on their mobile device, the User will be shown a short tutorial at the end of which they will be able to access the login screen. Registration on the Platform will take place using your Google, Apple or Facebook credentials in Single-Sign-On (“SSO”) mode. Once the User has correctly registered, thus creating his user profile (hereinafter “Profile”), he can express his willingness to accept the General Conditions through a specific “check-box” and confirming the selection through the special registration button, without having to sign a paper document. The selection of the aforementioned button will constitute reading, acceptance and signing of the General Conditions by the User. Subsequently, the User will be able to complete any missing data from his Profile via a specific section within the Platform.
Once registered, the User will be able to:
Connect your car to the Platform, expressly authorizing Reefilla to periodically monitor the geolocation of the car and its battery charge status and, subject to specific authorization from the User, open and close the doors and/or the charging flap. These authorizations are necessary, and will be used exclusively, to carry out the service. Reefilla uses external services for car connection and remote monitoring and control operations;
Redeem the Reefilla Circle Card using the code contained within it; it is understood that the code is for single use and once redeemed it will no longer be usable;
Choose one of the subscription packages with which to use the Service, add a payment method and pay to use the Service. Reefilla uses external services for payment and check-out operations;
Receive notifications from the Platform with which to accept or reject top-up proposals from Reefilla;
Book a top-up within some time slots set up by the Platform.; it is understood that each User will be able to benefit from only one Top-up per day.
See your history of top-ups made up to that point;
Invite other people to use the Platform;
Update your Profile with further data, if necessary;
Disconnect your vehicle, log out and/or delete your Profile;
It is understood, in any case, that the User undertakes to inform Reefilla of any changes and updates to the data released during registration.
5.2 Before making the booking and paying, the User must declare that they accept the privacy policy and these General Conditions.
5.3 Following payment, the User will be able to check the Subscription subscribed and receive top-up proposals or book it independently. The reservation will be summarized in the “Top-up” subsection.
On the “Profile” page, the User can consult:
– the summary of bookings made;
– top-ups in progress;
– the history of completed top-ups.
5.4 On the “Profile” page, “Account” section, the User can always log out from the Platform and irreversibly delete his Profile, without the possibility of restoration and, consequently, making it impossible to use the Service; upon deletion of the Profile, the User’s data will be anonymized and only the data relating to any ongoing payments will be retained.

6.1 Reefilla Services are identified and divided based on the duration of supply, payment methods and mileage included in the subscription.
6.2 The Services offered by Reefilla to the User via the Platform are as follows:

– “URBAN” subscription at €69/month/car. Includes:
o Top-up proposals via personalized notification;
o Up to 4 (four) refills;

– “JUST FORGET” subscription at €119/month/car. Includes:
o Top-up proposals via personalized notification;
o Up to 8 (eight) Refills;

– “Reefilla Circle Card” subscription: can be activated exclusively by redeeming the single use code present on a Reefilla Card. Includes:
o Prepaid urban top-ups that can be requested in the Operational Area within the validity date;

With reference to Subscriptions, it is understood between the Parties that:
• The prices indicated for Subscriptions are VAT included;
• The User, when signing up for the Subscription, will be able to select the method of payment of the fee for the Subscription which may be on a monthly or annual basis.
• The fee for the Subscription subscribed to by the User will be charged:
– for monthly subscriptions for the first ad